Horizontal Cooking Equipment

A professional in the kitchen requires, above all, quality, safety and hygiene. We also add reliability, design, technology and comfort to all our ranges: Symphony, 900 Plus Range, 900 Range, 700 Range, 600 Range, Large Capacity Equipment and Non Modular Cooking.

One kitchen, unlimited possibilities

Fagor Professional offers a wide range of commercial kitchens, ideally suited to satisfy the requirements of every chef and their way of cooking.

They are all carefully analysed and designed in terms of quality, safety and hygiene. Their design is also based on reliability and ease of use, elegant aesthetic and technological innovation, satisfying the needs of the most demanding chefs.

900 KORE Range

Performance and productivity at full power.

Robust, ergonomic and easy-to-clean cooking, designed to offer higher level performance with maximum versatility, allowing us to offer the best solutions to the kitchen professional.

The range of KORE 900 commercial modular kitchens has been specially designed for large and medium sized restaurants and dining rooms requiring large work spaces, high power and very high performance.

A reliable, durable range capable of standing up to the intense use required by a professional kitchen, while maintaining the quality and functionality of the first day. Robust and ergonomic equipment which makes your work more comfortable and streamlined.

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700 KORE Range

Maximum performance in reduces spaces.

The KORE 700 range has been specially designed for small and medium restaurants and canteens which require the same features as a large kitchen, that is, durability, reliability and high power.

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600 Range

The answer to the all the cooking requirements of small establishments.

The commercial 600 modular kitchen range from Fagor Professional is a response to the requirements of professionals in bars, cafés and other small establishments. With one of the highest working capacities on the market, it offers excellent performance and recovery rates.

Large Capacity Cooking Equipment

We offer a wide range of machinery for large scale production that meets the catering equipment requirements of large hospitals and catering centres where even the large modular machinery is not enough.

Specific Machinery for Communities

Highly automated professional machines for high production environments such as canteens, industrial and hospital kitchens and mass catering.

Specific Equipment for Non-modular Cooking

Our non-modular cooking machinery complements the range of products for specific machines designed for bars, cafés, small restaurant kitchens. Always manufactured with the features, performance and identical quality requirements of all our cooking products.

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