SB-G710_700-kore-gas-tilting-bratt-pan Horizontal Cooking

700 KORE Range / Gas Tilting Bratt Pan

SB-G710 Gas tilting bratt pan
  • Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polishing. Hidden screws
  • Lever system to raise the well. The well can be raised until it is vertical to completely drain it
  • Entire machine structure made of stainless steel
  • Well designed with rounded corners and no edges, with a large opening for unloading to facilitate all cooking and cleaning operations
  • The great thickness of the well base (10 mm) guarantees even heat distribution
  • Stainless steel well of 60 litres capacity. With a surface of 734 x 464 mm or 34 dm2
  • Well filled with water through a solenoid value which is operated by a switch on the front of the machine. The filling pipe is located at the back of the machine
  • Double-walled lid with a draining rack at the back to redirect condensation water towards the well interior
  • The closed lid is the same height as surface tops of the range and since it does not require any protruding element or reinforcement, it can be used as a worktop
  • Compensation system to prevent sharp falls
  • Front access lid handle.
  • Thermostatic temperature control of the well floor, between 50 and 300 °C
  • Stainless steel feet with adjustable height
  • Gas heating with high-efficiency stainless steel burners made of four tubes which are activated and controlled by a safety valve with a thermocouple

Gas tilting bratt pan: Specifications

Gas Tilting Bratt Pan
Image Model Net weight kg Net volume m3 Power kW Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
 SB-G710_700-kore-gas-tilting-bratt-pan SB-G710 114,0 0,500 0,100 15,00 800x730x850 Download

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