Commercial Refrigeration

Whether you wish to cool, store or display food and drink, we are the leaders in the market with an extensive range of refrigeration appliances. With a huge variety in terms of size, applications, features and finishes.

Neo Advance

PURE INNOVATION. The ADVANCE range embodies our commitment to innovation, always seeking to offer a cutting edge product that meets expectations in terms of technology, efficiency and comfort.

Neo Concept Plus

A NEW PERFECT REFERENCE. The perfect product for our customers emerges with our new CONCEPT+ range. A perfect combination of technological advances, innovation and comfort at a reasonable price.

Neo Concept

QUALITY FIRST. At Fagor we have always considered that quality and reliability are the keys to success. We have applied this policy also to our most classical range of Commercial Refrigeration, the CONCEPT range, improving design and technologies.

Blast Chillers and Freezers

The chill blasters in our catalogue, both for refrigeration (where the temperature of the food is lowered from +65 ºC to +3 ºC in less than 90 minutes) and for mixed service (refrigeration or freezing, from + 65 ºC to -18 ºC in less than 4 hours), range from the small tabletop appliance for 3 trays, to large chill blasting cells able to store the 20 level GN-2/1 container trolleys from our ovens.
Fagor Other Products-01

Other Products

To complete the offer in Industrial Cold Refrigeration machinery, at Fagor we have a wide catalogue of specific products to complete hotel and catering installations with machines that adapt to any requirement.

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