ABC-101_blast-chillers Refrigeration

Blast Chillers And Freezers / Blast Chillers And Freezers For Trays

  • ABC-031_blast-chillers


  • ABC-051_blast-chillers


  • ABC-081_blast-chillers


  • ABC-101_blast-chillers


  • ABC-102_blast-chillers


  • ABC-121_blast-chillers


  • ABC-161_blast-chillers


  • Blast chillers with 5″ touch screen
  • Blast refrigeration and blast freezing cycles, which can be set for management by time, or by temperature probe inserted into the centre of the food. (If the probe is not used, time management of the cycle is activated automatically.)
  • Chilling processes:
    · Hard cycle: Default freezing cycle. Executes the cycle and maintains a constant temperature of -20°C
    · Soft cycle: Default refrigeration cycle. Executes an initial cycle and maintains a constant temperature of 0°C
  • Cycle duration
    · Refrigerating cycle: 90 minutes
    · Freezing cycle: 240 minutes
  • 5 additional special cycles for the management of defrosting, ice hardening, drying, fish sanitisation and heating of the skewer probe
  • When the refrigerating cycle is over, the equipment works as a refrigerated cabinet, and the temperature remains between +2 and +4 ºC, or as a freezer, with temperatures under -18 ºC
  • Hermetically sealed compressor with ventilated condenser
  • R-452A ecological cooling (CFC free)
  • ABC-031 model with R-290 coolant
  • 60 mm injected polyurethane insulation (except for the 031 models, with 35 mm thick insulation). 40 kg/m3 density. CFC free
  • Copper piping and aluminium flaps evaporator
  • Forced draught cooling system
  • Device with defrosting activated by the user
  • Automatic evaporation of the condensate without electrical energy- Inner tray slides included
  • Heated probe
  • Ordering options:
    – USB connection for data extraction
    – Castor kit (factory assembly)

Blast chillers for trays: Models and specifications

Model Capacity GN Voltage V Refrig. power W Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ATM-031 S ABC-031 3 GN-1/1 230V – 1N 0,490 560x700x514 Download
ATM-051 VCH ABC-051 5 GN-1/1 230V – 1N 0,690 790x700x850 Download
ATM-081 VCH ABC-081 8 GN-1/1 230V – 1N 1,300 790x800x1290 Download
ATM-101 VCH ABC-101 10 GN-1/1 230V – 1N 2,000 790x800x1420 Download
ATM-102 ABC-102 10 GN-2/1 400V – 3N 5,450 1200x1090x1766 Download
ATM-121 VCH ABC-121 12 GN-1/1 230V – 1N 1,300 790x800x1600 Download
ATM-161 VCH ABC-161 16 GN-1/1 400V – 3N 2,850 790x800x1950 Download

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