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Electricity saving tips for refrigerated cabinets

Follow these tips for refrigerated cabinets to save up to 45% on your restaurant’s electricity bill.

Restaurant Efficiency

Restaurant trends and tips to optimise some costs to improve the efficiency of your business and be able to be more competitive.

How to organise a refrigerated cabinet in the catering industry

The first thing to bear in mind when storing refrigerated food is hygiene, temperature and shelf life.

What do I need to take into account to implement delivery into my restaurant?

With a few minimal changes you can increase the turnover of your restaurant by up to 30%.

Pop-up restaurants: What are they and why are they so successful?

Pop-up restaurants have become a trend in the culinary world in recent years. Just like pop-up shops, these are projects that only last for a specific period of time. They may last a few hours, a few days or a few months in specific locations or they may also be mobile.

What aspects should you take into account before opening a restaurant?

Advice we have prepared about the aspects to take into account before opening a restaurant business.

What’s the best packaging for delivery?

Delivery packaging is like a cover letter that we can use to ensure that our customers enjoy, order again and recommend us.

Interior design tips for restaurants

The interior design should be a differentiating aspect that doesn’t go unnoticed keeping in-style of restaurant, reflecting unique personality.

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