Whats the best packaging for delivery?

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If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that delivery has become very important in recent months and, for quite some time, it was the only option that allowed restaurants to continue offering their services. Those who order our food for home delivery do it because they want to enjoy our dishes but, let’s be honest, a takeaway is not the same as sampling the food in house. That’s why we have to pay the necessary attention (or even more, if possible) to the delivery packaging, as it’s like a cover letter that we can use to ensure that our customers enjoy, order again and recommend us.

Packaging is more than just a container for transporting a dish and there are a series of aspects that should be taken into account, both in terms of our business and the impression we’re going to make on our customers.

When a customer enters through the door of your restaurant, before they start tasting the food, everything they see, all the sensations they perceive and the feelings that are generated form the brand image of your business.

However, when it comes to delivery, all these elements disappear, leaving only two aspects: the delivery driver and the packaging. And if the delivery service is external, the only thing left to create your brand image is the packaging, so make the most of it!

packaging for delivery

First of all, it has to be functional. It has to serve its purpose in every situation, from the moment it leaves the restaurant to when it is opened at home. Remember that one type of packaging is not going to serve for all purposes, so we need to find a range that suits dishes with special characteristics and those without, as well as packaging to transport garnishes, sauces, etc.

packaging for delivery

Apart from being functional, we also have to think that our customers may order our food to eat in any situation: at home, in the office, in a park, while travelling or even eating in the car is a reality for many people. We have to find the perfect packaging to allow them to sample our dishes in the right conditions, wherever they are.

packaging for delivery

Yes, cardboard is practical, but it may not be for everything. No one wants to receive a package that leaks, is difficult to open, breaks easily or does not allow easy access to the contents. We have to find a quality packaging that leaves a good impression on our customers.

packaging for delivery

And if we look beyond functionality, we find certain aspects that will score us more points in terms of customer loyalty. That brings us to sustainability. Let’s leave plastic behind, or at least pure plastic, and opt for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly options: recycled materials, biodegradable, eco, etc. There are many different options on the market today that will allow us to leave our green footprint in the minds of our customers. We could even go as far as a reusable packaging option for our most loyal customers.

There’s nothing like seeing those who order our services enjoy our food, so let’s make sure that we can extend that to all customers, wherever they are.