FT-E705_L_fagor-700-kore-range-electric-fry-top Horizontal Cooking

700 KORE Range / Electric Fry-Tops

Deep-drawn surface tops manufactured in 1.5 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel. Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polishing. Hidden screws.


– 12 or 15 mm thick mild steel fry tops which are quick-heating and high power. Whole-module fry tops have two separate heating areas.
– Rapid reaction and recovery times of the fry-top temperature.
– The fry tops are welded to the deep-drawn surface top.
– The deep-drawn shell and its rounded edges and corners make cleaning much easier.
– The fry top is tilted towards the front to make it easier to collect grease and liquids.
– Fitted with an opening to collect cooking grease and a tray to store it which has capacity to store up to 2 litres depending on the model.
– Optional anti-splash side and rear guards, easy to remove.
– High-temperature enamelled cast iron flue protector.
– Access to components from the front.
– Machines with IPX5 grade water protection.
– Electrically heated models with stainless steel heating elements; thermostatic temperature control, between 100 and 300 °C.
– Safety thermostat.

– Scraper (The models with a chrome surface include the scraper as standard.)
– Anti-splash guard (in three parts to make cleaning easier).

Models and specifications

Electric Fry Tops
Image Model Net weight kg Net volume m3 Power kW Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
FT-E705 L: Model with smooth plate of 328 x 468 mm. Single heating zone.
 FT-E705_L_fagor-700-kore-range-electric-fry-top FT-E705 L 70,0 0,080 5,000 400x730x290  Download
FT-E705 R: Model with grooved plate of 328 x 468 mm. Single heating zone.
FT-E705 R 70,0 0,080 5,000 400x730x290  Download
FT-E710 L+R: Model with mixed plate (2/3 smooth + 1/3 grooved) of 728 x 468 mm. Two heating zones.
FT-E710 L+R 112,0 0,170 10,000 800x730x290  Download
FT-E710 R: Model with grooved plate of 728 x 468 mm. Two heating zones.
FT-E710 R 137,0 0,170 10,000 800x730x290  Download

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