kore-cocinas-paelleras-c-gp911 Horizontal Cooking

900 KORE Range / Gas paella cookers

  • C-GP910 Gas ranges for paellas


  • C-GP911 Gas ranges for paellas


  • Deep-drawn cooktop manufactured in 2 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel
  • Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polishing. Hidden screws
  • Double-crown burner with four rows of flames per crown, guaranteeing an even distribution of heat from the flame to the base of the pan
  • Low-consumption pilot light and thermcouple
  • Flexible stainless steel gas pipes, facilitating internal manipulation in order to make repairs easier
  • Controls with a protective support base and system to prevent water infiltration
  • High-temperature enamelled cast iron flue protector which is flush with the grates therefore improving manoeuvrability, supporting larger containers and increasing the usable surface area
  • Access to components from the front
  • Machine with one 27 kW burner in the cooktop with an 450 mm diameter outer crown and a 330 mm diameter inner crown

Paella Cookers : Models and specifications

Boiling top paella cooker
Image Model No. of burners Gross volume Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
 900 KORE Range / Gas paella cookers C-GP910 2 0,459 27,00 800x930x290 Download
Paella cooker with oven
  • Easy-to-use GN 2/1 static oven with controls located on the upper panel for improved ergonomics
  • Cooking chamber made entirely of stainless steel which makes cleaning easier and ensures greater hygiene
  • Trays are inserted sideways which improves manoeuvrability
  • Guides on three height levels to offer different cooking options
  • “U” shaped guides to prevent trays from overturning
  • Thermostatic temperature control (125 – 310 °C)
  • Heating through stainless steel heating elements with selector switch for operation of the upper and/or lower area
  • 8.60 kW heating power
  • 6 mm cast iron oven floor which guarantees better performance and uniform heat distribution
  • Fibreglass closing seal to improve the thermal efficiency of the oven and ensure its durability
  • Detachable oven door to facilitate repairs
  • Stainless steel feet with adjustable height
 900 KORE Range / Gas paella cookers C-GP911 2 0,966 34,30 800x930x850 Download

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