non-modular-cooking-static-ovens-1 Horizontal Cooking

Non Modular Cooking / Static Ovens

Interior body in stainless steel. 3-level tray position. Pilot light ignition system, with piezo ignition system built-in. Thermostatic valve temperature control. Adjustable temperature: 130ºC – 350ºC. Safety thermocouple.


Models and specifications

Gas static ovens
Burner in stainless steel. Pilot and thermocouple. Thermostatic control (130 ºC – 350ºC). Three levels for trays in each oven. Tray size GN-2/1.
Model Size of oven Tray levels Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
HG9-15 HG9-15 1000X600 3 16,00 1275x900x560
HG9-20 HG9-20 GN-2/1 2X3 17,20 850x900x1120

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