kore-induccion-c-i925 Horizontal Cooking

900 KORE Range / Induction Cookers


  • 6 mm thick glass ceramic, hermetically sealed into the 2 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel surface top.
  • Laser-cut joints, automatic welding and polishes. Screws hidden from view.
  • Cooking areas demarcated by Ø 280 mm circular screen print, with 5 kW of power in each area, rapidly heated and ideal for à la carte service.
  • Perfect control of cooking thanks to the energy regulator with 10 power levels, which allows you to work at low power for delicate recipes or at maximum power for fast service.
  • Supplies energy only to the area upon which the container rests, with the rest of the glass ceramic surface remaining cold.
  • Only functions when the presence of a cooking container is detected. Heating is interrupted upon removing the container.
  • As a result, a great energy saving is obtained (energy consumption is reduced by around 50 % compared to gas burners).
  • The working environment and atmosphere is more comfortable, as the energy is concentrated on the base of the container to be heated, irradiation and heat dispersal are reduced and the cooking temperature is reached rapidly.
  • Safety against overheating. Diagnosis of errors (flashing lights).
  • Access to the components from the front.
  • Machines with IPX5 grade water protection.

Models and specifications

Induction panel models
Image Model No. of hotplates Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
 900 KORE Range / Induction Cookers C-1925 2 10,00 400x930x290 Download
 900 KORE Range / Induction Cookers C-1945 4 20,00 800x930x290 Download
Wok models
 900 KORE Range / Induction Cookers W-1905 1 5,00 400x930x290 Download

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