E-VO Advance Dishwasher Range


A New Way of Understanding Exclusivity

Machines designed for those who want the best of the best, but with simple operation, easy to maintain and highly efficient.

E-VO ADVANCE DISHWASHER MACHINES meet all the requirements that a professional dreams of: latest technology, energy efficiency, efficacy, robustness, customizable washing programs, features such as self-cleaning or self-drain, and self-diagnostic to minimize maintenance time. An exclusive smart machine designed to invest today and get profits tomorrow.



ONE TOUCH AT A GLANCE elevates its simplicity and smartness to one single Multi-chromatic button, making operator’s life easier and optimizing the operating costs thanks to its intuitive 3 colors code. 4 customizable programs with multiple languages; and high accuracy and robustness through its digital sensors which control the full washing process.Definitely, Pure Science in your hands. Thinking for you.

Self Drain

Every washing cycle, SELF-DRAIN takes care of removing dirty water from the tank just before starting to fall the rinsing clean and hot water over the ware. Therefore, you will be able to keep the wash tank clean during much more time, optimizing your running costs thanks to energy savings.

Multipower and Multi Connection Box

Several machines in one. Perfect solution to minimize your stock. By making an easy change in the electrical connecting box during the installation, you will be able to have a 3,4 kW machine or 6,2 kW or other powers.
No need to remove covers or panels anymore to install or check the network connectivity. Low risk to have problems during the electrical installation.

HRS (Heat Recovery System)

Fagor’s HRS collects and condenses the steam exhausted by the machine after a full cleaning cycle, and heats up the input water from 10ºC to 25ºC (for example). It also allows to avoid installing a hood in most of the cases.


Lower Water Consumption
CO-170 / CO-110: -29%
CO-501 / CO-500: -16%


Lower Power Consumption
CO-170 / CO-110: -34%
CO-501 / CO-500: – 44%


Available Accessory
“Kit extra power boiler 12kW”.


E-Vo Advance Dishwasher Features and Benefits

Hood Type



Hood Type Undercounter
Model AD-125 AD-505
Brand / Supplier Fagor

Fagor Commercial

Fagor Commercial
Dimensions (width x length x height) mm 658 x 765 x 1540 600 x 600 x 830
Basket size (mm) 500 x 500 500 x 500
Clearance (mm) = MAX WARE HEIGHT 440 380
Production (baskets/h) 65 60
Power (kW) Multipower : ALTERNATE 4,2 – 5,7 – 7,2 – 10,2 2,4 – 3,4 – 4,3 – 6,2
Power (kW) Multipower : SIMULTANEOUS 6,0 – 7,5 – 9,0 – 12,0 3,2 – 4,2 – 5,1 – 7,0
Wash Pump (units x kW) 2 x 0,6 1 x 0,6
Water Consumption (litres/cycle) 2,4 2,4
Multipower and Multi Connection Box * *
Rinsing Pump + Air Break * *
Drain Pump * *
Rinsing Air Dispenser * *
Detergent Aid Dispenser * *
Double Skin Body and Door * *
Tray Filters in AISI-304 on the Tank * *
Magnetic Switch for Door or Hood * *
HRS (Heat Recovery System) Not version
* Standard • Option
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