Commercial Dishwashers Ad 505 Front Loading And Under Counter Dishwasher

Thanks to the EFFI-RINSE system, a rinse temperature of 85 ºC and constant pressure are guaranteed throughout the rinse cycle, with built-in atmospheric boiler and rinse pump.

New optimised hydraulic EFFI-WASH system, with stainless steel wash arms and one powerful 0.6 kW pump, guaranteeing a top quality effective and efficient wash with an optimum Sinner circle balance.

SCI FILTER filter system that captures particles up to 1.5 mm in diameter and an automatic SELF DRAIN drainage system (built-in electronically controlled drainage pump) which guarantees the automatic renewal of the water in the wash tank. It also has a built-in detergent and rinse aid dispenser. It has adjustable feet to permit levelling according to the needs of the establishment. Magnetic door open sensor.

The equipment contains MULTIPOWER (allows the power of the installation to be adapted) and multi-connection box for easy installation and repair with a low risk of failure.


Models and specifications

Model Power kW Racks / Hour Production Plates/Hour Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
AD-505 AD-505 MULTIPOWER 60 1080 600x600x830 Download
AD-505 SOFT AD-505 SOFT MULTIPOWER 60 1080 600x600x830 Download