E-VO Generation Dishwasher Range

Fagor launches New Generation, for a New Time, a New Era.

Invest in the Future.
Invest in E-Vo.


Low and Medium Production

A true kitchen professional also needs efficient solutions so that all the equipment is immediately available again. Our range of dishwashers is comprehensive, from small glasswashers for bars, cafes or small restaurants to high capacity dishwashers.

The best for all. The highest dishwasher performance for all market segments.

E-VO Generation offers all the benefits and features of the high-end ranges, but for all market segments, from the lowest to the highest.

E-VO Generation is a dream come true, it’s far more than a step forward. It’s a new and innovative range. It’s revolutionary. This generation of commercial dishwashers meets every possible market requirement, starting with a single body structure and selecting the technology which is best suited to the needs and requirements of each segment. It’s three ranges, Advance, Concept and Concept Plus, not only cover to the specific needs of each client (restaurants, bars, cafés, pubs, schools, hotels, etc.), they also create a smarter, simpler, more robust and efficient product designed to revolutionise the commercial dishwashing world



Front Loading Dishwasher

front loading under counter dishwasher

Hood Type Dishwasher



utensil washers

Cleanliness with no limits

Fagor dishwashers eliminate bacteria thanks to a constant water rinsing temperature of 85 °C. Bacteria thrives in environments with temperatures of between 20 and 60 °C* (max. 75 °C), but the EFFI RINSE feature guarantees optimal rinsing and disinfection.

It helps maintain constant water pressure and temperature during rinsing, whatever the condition of the water supply network.

In addition, thanks to functions that ensure the cleanliness of the machine, the dishwashers prevent the build-up of bacteria when not in use.


First thing’s first: reaching the perfect temperature

Thanks to Thermostop, the dishwasher won’t start rinsing until it reaches the ideal rinsing temperature, 85 °C. When enabled, and if necessary, Thermostop extends the wash cycle until the boiler reaches a rinse temperature that ensures correct sanitisation according to hygiene standards.

Some models leave the factory with this mode deactivated, but it can be easily activated.



Once reached, maintain it

The EFFI-RINSE system guarantees a perfect, hygienic result with a complete, linear rinse cycle at 85oC thanks to the built-in rinsing pump and the Air Break system design. It also works with low input water pressure, making it the perfect system when the mains water of the installation does not reach the minimum recommended pressure of 2 bars.

E-VO Generation Dishwasher Range


Safe Filtering

Consists in a simple 3 steps filtering system for big, medium and small size dirtiness particles; allowing to keep the wash tank water clean for a longer period of time.

E-VO Generation Dishwasher Range


Self Cleaning

It allows the user to avoid cleaning the dishwasher by hand, because the machine will do it for you with this function. It will wash the chamber with detergent, rinse it all and drain everything away, leaving the machine without water in the tank and boiler. This will prevent bad smells and increase your machine’s lifetime.

E-VO Generation Dishwasher Range


Clean Tank

After each wash cycle, Auto-drain removes the dirty water from the wash tank just before the clean rinsing water reaches the plates. This means that the tank is kept cleaner for longer, optimising operating costs thanks to the energy savings generated.

E-VO Generation Dishwasher Range


Silence and Safety

It reduces the noise levels of the bar or restaurant where it is fitted and stops glasses and plates from moving inside the basket, protecting them against breakage and improving the wash cycle for all dishware.

E-VO Generation Dishwasher Range

Simple cleanliness, perfect results

Our machines are easy to use, meaning that you are in full control at all times. This way, you’ll always obtain the desired results: impeccable dishware.

Intuitive at first sight

Our Advance dishwashers are simpler and more intuitive than ever before: with just a single multichromatic button, it’s easy to work and its intuitive 3-colour code optimises operating costs. Fully electronic machine: pressure detector, temperature detector, electronic system and control, automatic drainage, timer, etc.


Temperature Display

Available on both our Concept Plus and Concept front-loading dishwashers. It shows the operating temperature of the machine, allowing you to quickly and visually check that the machine is operating within the suitable parameters.



Easier than ever before

The Concept range is simplicity personified. The simple interface has been designed with ease of use in mind, taking into consideration the high number of operators that regularly use this type of machine. It is fundamental to reduce training time to ensure that more operators can use the machine correctly.


The perfect amount of rinse aid

All machines are equipped with a rinse aid dispenser by default. Rinse aid is required in order to correctly disperse and drain water from dishware so that it doesn’t leave spots, and it also helps speed up drying, which is why choosing the right rinse aid and detergent and dispensing the correct amount is essential for achieving optimal results.

Lets make it easy for you

Making things simpler. That’s our goal. That’s why we focus on making sure our machines are simple to use, both before, during and after operation.


Easy to Install

Reduce stock and simplify your order by just selecting the basic versions and adding the kits when required: detergent dispenser and drain pump. No need to have many versions in your stock.

Easy to install kits with easy accessibility to the components minimizing the installation risks.

dish washer installation


Choose the right power

Multi-power and multi-voltage machines. With the single-phase version, you can achieve maximum power to take full advantage of the machine’s productivity by easily configuring it from the outside. If you prefer lower consumption, just make the suitable connection in the multi-connection box.



Cleaning your device

Designed to offer comprehensive IPX5 protection allowing you to clean it with a hose and keeping it safe from external humidity.

water dishes

Water softening

SOFT version dishwashers feature an automatic integrated water softening system for the inlet water. The integrated water softener is designed to remove water hardness caused by excess calcium and magnesium, the main culprits of scale deposits in the system.

dishwashing equipment

Everything under control

Access the password-protected interior menu to see and check the status of all components: pumps, switches, heating elements, and water and pressure sensors. It also lets the operator know if there are any problems in the machine.




Invest in the future
· Low running costs drive you to more savings mid and long term.
· The money you invest when buying the machine will be paid back very quick.


· Thinking green.
· 50% average reduction of electricity.
· % average reduction of water use.
· Lower consumption = lower environmental resources used.
· Recycling: no wood packaging, cardboard box.


· Efficient and Effective washing system.
· Efficient and Effective rinsing system.
· Perfect Sinner’s cycle balance.
· “It is born to wash, it is the best on it.”


· Three ranges, multiple models, versions, plug and play kits and a wide variety of features.
· Big door clearance to wash many more kind of ware:
– 440mm HT
– 380mm UC
– 270mm GW 400×400
– 220mm GW 350×350


· Safe for the user.
· Safe for the technician.
· Safe for the environment.
· Safe for the machine.


· Easy to use.
· Easy to operate.
· Easy to clean.
· Easy to maintain.
· Easy to repair.
· Are you sure about “easy”? Touch it, feel it and tell it.


· Simplicity is our maximum design philosophy.
· “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo Da Vinci).
· One body designed and built to resist and resist. Saving you money.


Customizable programs: technical service can modify the 2 programs rinse and wash time and temperature, as required by the end user.
Includes a preset special program (P4/PG) for glassware compliant with standard DIN10511 (with 90” cycle duration, wash temperature 60ºC, and rinse temperature 65ºC).



Newly optimized hydraulic system provides a strong mechanical action combined with the optimum clean water in the tank, and the balanced power to keep the perfect hygienic temperature during the whole lifetime of the dishwasher machine. And all that, assuring the promised productivity. A powerful system which assures one of the most important factors of the Sinner’s cycle: mechanical action, saving high quantities of chemicals.



EFFI-RINSE system assures a perfect hygienic result with a linear 85ºC full rinsing cycle thanks to its incorporated rinse booster pump and air break system design. It also works with low input water pressure; becoming the perfect system when the installation water network does not reach the minimum recommended 2 bar pressure. EFFI-RINSE green light displays when the system is taking care of your machine.



Full Double skin body to isolate machine’s noise from the environment, making the atmosphere more peaceful. The dishwasher door has double skin with special pressed isolation material, and stamped finishing to improve noise isolation and to keep the heat inside the machine, becoming in energy savings. The door system is designed to have a smooth and quiet close with top quality finishing.



Fagor’s HRS collects and condenses the steam exhausted by the machine after a full cleaning cycle, and heats up the input water from 10ºC to 25ºC (for example). Therefore it reduces the amount of energy used to heat the water with savings up to 40%. It also avoids the installation of expensive and complex hood extraction systems: 100% ventless.



If you want to have the highest power to maximize machine’s productivity, you can, just connect the machine easily from outside (i.e. 9kW boiler). If you prefer a lower consumption, you can, make the proper connection (i.e. 3kW boiler). Several models in one dishwasher machine. Easy installation and configuration.



Every washing cycle, SELF-DRAIN takes care of removing dirty water from the tank just before starting to fall the rinsing clean water over the ware. Therefore, you will be able to keep the wash tank clean during much more time, optimizing your running costs thanks to energy savings.



Consists in a simple 3 steps filtering system for big, medium and small size dirtiness particles. It assures a magnificent water tank renovation and minimizes the risk of drain and wash pumps blockings and failures due to dirtiness.



It assures a low noise level of the bar or restaurant where it is installed and prevents the glasses and ware from moving inside the basket, protecting them from breaking and improving the washing cycle of all the ware. It consists in a wash-pump power control during its first stage.



Access to internal menu through password to display and check the status of all components: pumps, switches, heating elements, temperature and pressure sensors, etc. It warns the operator from machine’s problems too. Do not forget: easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, easy-to- repair.



ONE TOUCH AT A GLANCE elevates its simplicity and smartness to one single Multi-chromatic button, making operator’s life easier and optimizing the operating costs thanks to its intuitive 3 colors code. Green=ready, Blue=washing, Red=finished. An LCD screen also provides detailed information regarding its status and program process. 3 programs and 1 customizable program with multiple languages; and high accuracy and robustness through its digital sensors which control the full process. Definitely, Pure Science in your hands. Thinking for you.



The NEW Thermostatic tank water filling system: allows to speed up drastically the start-up time of the dishwasher, because the wash tank is filled in with hot water previously heat in the boiler.



Using our special basket CB7-GN, E-VO Concept, Concept+ and Advance under counters and hood-type dishwasher and glass washer machines are able to wash perfectly GN 1/1 trays. A huge advantage for our customers, thanks to its 380 mm clearance for undercounters and 440 mm for hood types. A real proof of versatility.



Double spring and stainless steel hinge system tested to resist the strongest usage of the market, with more than 360.000 openings. It also protects the user from burnings with steam thanks to the 3 compensated steps designed: remove steam (1), check basket (2), and remove/place basket (3).



Reduce stock and simplify your order by just selecting the basic versions and adding the kits when required: detergent dispenser and drain pump. No need to have many versions in your stock. Easy to install kits with easy accessibility to the components minimizing the installation risks.



A fully new stainless steel body and structure made to resist and resist to the strongest usage of the market.



It allows the user to avoid hand cleaning, because the machine will make it for you with this function. It will wash the chamber with detergent, rinse it all and drain everything away, leaving the dishwasher without water in the tank and boiler. This will prevent bad smell and increase your machine’s lifetime.



Designed to have a full protection IPX5 against water hose cleaning and external humidity.



No need to remove covers or panels anymore to install or check the network connectivity. Low risk to have problems during the electrical installation. A new multi-connection box has been designed in order to improve accessibility, minimize installation issues, and reduce maintainance costs. You will also be able to make single or three phases connection by only opening the small box cover. It has also been located in an optimum position to get the best ergonomic result.


Machine Type Hood Type Under counter Hood Type Under counter Hood Type Under counter Glasswashers
Effi-wash * * * * * * *
Effi-rinse * * * *
Effi-silent * * * *
Multipower * * * * * *
Self-Drain * *
Sci Filter * *
Soft-Start * * * * *
Fagor Service * *
Science * *
Eco Fill * * * *
GN-1/1 * * * * * *
Rock Counterbalanced Box * * *
Kits Philosophy * * * * *
Stamped Philosophy * * * * * *
IPX5 Zero Humidity * *
Self-Cleaning * *
Multi-connection Box * * * * * *
* Standard ◦ Option – Not version
advance dishwasher