E-VO Concept Plus Dishwasher Range


Make it Simple. Make is Possible.

It seems impossible, but it is real. Finally there is a machine capable of gathering all the benefits and features from high-end ranges, with simple electromechanical control panel and components.

E-VO CONCEPT+ range offers a highly efficient and effective washing and rinsing system (EFFIWASH & EFFI-RINSE) becoming in the perfect solution for those locations with low pressure water network and though efficacy requirements.

E-VO CONCEPT+ has arrived, simply possible.


The perfect solution for those locations with low pressure water network and though efficacy requirements.


EFFI-RINSE system assures a perfect hygienic result with a linear 85ºC full rinsing cycle thanks to its incorporated rinsing pump and air break system design. It also works with low input water pressure; becoming the perfect system when the installation water network does not reach the minimum recommended 2 bar. EFFI-RINSE green light displays when the system is taking care of your machine.

Soft Start

It assures a low noise level of the bar or restaurant where it is installed and prevents the glasses and ware from moving inside the basket, protecting them from breaking and improving the washing cycle of all the ware. It consists in a wash-pump power control during its first stage.


Reduce stock and simplify your order by just selecting the basic versions and adding the kits when required:
detergent dispenser and drain pump.
No need to have many versions in your stock.
Easy to install kits with easy accessibility to the components minimizing the installation risks.


Lower Water Consumption
COP-173: -27%
COP-503: -16%


Lower Power Consumption
COP-173: -34%
COP-503: -44%


Available Accessory
“Kit extra power boiler 12kW”.


Features and Benefits

Hood Type



Hood Type Undercounter
Model COP-173 COP-503
Brand / Supplier Fagor

Fagor Commercial

Fagor Commercial
Dimensions (width x length x height) mm 658 x 765 x 1540 600 x 600 x 830
Basket size (mm) 500 x 500 500 x 500
Clearance (mm) = MAX WARE HEIGHT 440 380
Production (baskets/h) 65 60
Power (kW) 13,2 – 17,7 2,4 – 3,4 – 4,3 – 6,2
Wash Pump (units x kW) 2 x 0,6 1 x 0,6
Water Consumption (litres/cycle) 2,4 2,4
Multipower * *
Rinsing Pump + Air Break * *
Drain Pump
Rinsing Air Dispenser * *
Detergent Aid Dispenser
Double Skin Body and Door *
Double Wash and Rinsing Arms AISI-304 Stainless St * *
IPX4 * *
Tray Filters in AISI-304 on the Tank * *
Magnetic Switch for Door or Hood * *
HRS (Heat Recovery System)
* Standard
• Option
– Not version
advance dishwasher