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E-Vo Concept Plus Hood-type

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    AD-125 Advance

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    CO-110 Concept

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    COP-144 Concept Plus

Sophisticated technology available to everyone

  • 440 mm hood opening which enables the insertion of large containers
  • Counterbalanced grip which is easy to handle
  • Double upper and lower wash and rinse system
  • Embedded washing tub which facilitates significant water and energy savings
  • Optional heat recovery system that collects and condenses the vapours produced during washing and rinsing, boosting energy efficiency


Hood-type dishwashing equipment – EVO Generation – Concept Plus

For those who believe that technology and simplicity can go hand in hand, Concept has landed.
A winner in its category that combines features and benefits that only high-end ranges are offering, an easy to use and efficient product with the most efficient and robust technology prepared for the most intensive use on the market.

Hood-type dishwasher with simple control with built-in drain pump

  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • Counterbalanced hood with handle and spring system
  • Double rotating wash and rinse system, top and bottom, in stainless steel
  • 440 mm hood opening (Accepts GN 1/1 trays)
  • 750 W wash pump providing high water flow
  • Rounded tank to facilitate washing and drainage
  • Stainless steel armoured heating elements in the wash tank and rinse boiler
  • Multi-voltage: Allows the machine to be connected to a single-phase or three-phase voltage network. (230 1N~/230 3~/400V 3N~)
  • AISI-304 stainless steel filter trays in the wash tank
  • Thermostatic control of temperatures (wash, 60°C, and rinse, 85°C)
  • Thermal stop system which guarantees a rinse temperature of 85°C
  • Safety stop switch in hood opening
  • Safety thermostat
  • Water consumption per 2.4 litre cycle
  • Model for 500 x 500 mm baskets
  • Model with electronic control and display of temperature, functions and errors
  • Electronic programmer with help system for technical service
  • Rinse pump which guarantees a perfect hygiene result with complete linear rinse cycle at 85°C. (EFFIRINSE)
  • Air Brake check valve system type AA according to EN 1717/WRAS
  • 55s, 75s,120s and 600s wash cycles
  • Theoretical maximum production of 65 baskets/hour (1170 plates/h)
  • Tank with volume of 33 litres, with 4.5 kW heating element
  • Boiler with volume of 9 litres, with 9 kW heating element
  • Alternating or simultaneous tank and boiler heating
  • Maximum Total power: 9.75 kW (alternating) or 14.75 kW (simultaneous)
  • IPX4 anti-humidity protection.

Models and specifications

Concept Plus
Model Power kW Electric Power (kW) Water max consumption (L/h) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CO-501 COP-144 Multipower 14,250 kW 60,00 630x750x1465 Download

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