Hood-Type Dishwashers

Simplicity and agility for large quantities and intensive use

Commercial hood-type dishwashers, also known as dome dishwashers, are ideal for heavy use in restaurants and catering businesses. Hood-type dishwashers allow linear washing of the dishes at a comfortable working height, with the support of the prewash table and basket exit. Therefore, a perfectly coordinated washing process is achieved. The hood is lifted and a new basket is inserted, the hood is lowered while the machine does its job. The clean utensils can be collected once the hood is lifted to extract them and the next basket can be loaded.

The Hood-type dishwashers are based on the EVO Generation concept of creating a single base body that contains benefits across its three ranges and by selecting the appropriate technology to meet the needs of each segment. Thus, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the requirements of different users.

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