concept-gas-advance-concept-convection-ovens-1 Combi Ovens

Concept / Gas Advance Concept Convection Ovens

The ADVANCE CONCEPT gas convection ovens operate with a dry heat at a maximum temperature of 300 ºC. They are equipped with the cold down function and humidifier, and are marketed with a built-in temperature probe. With the Stop/Start button, it is possible to start work just when the user wishes to. The required voltage for the Advance Concept gas ovens is 230V 1+N-50 Hz- optional, 60 Hz.


Models and specifications

Model Capacity GN Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ACG-061 ACG-061 6 GN-1/1 – 12 GN-1/2 12,00 898x867x846 Download
ACG-101 ACG-101 10 GN-1/1 – 20 GN-1/2 18,00 898x867x1117 Download
ACG-102 ACG-102 10 GN-2/1 – 20 GN-1/1 35,00 1130x1063x1117 Download
ACG-201 ACG-201 20 GN-1/1 – 40 GN-1/2 36,00 929x964x1841 Download
ACG-202 ACG-202 20 GN-2/1 – 40 GN-1/1 65,00 1162x1074x1841 Download


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