Combi Ovens

Advance / Gas Advance Ovens

  • CPW-061-G-fagor-gas-advance-oven


  • CPW-101-G-fagor-gas-advance-oven


  • CPW-102-G-fagor-gas-advance-oven


  • CPW-201-G-fagor-gas-advance-oven


  • CPW-202-G-fagor-gas-advance-oven



  • 2.8” screen with rotary knob and push function for configuring and confirming inputs
  • iClima:
    . Humidity management and control by means of direct measurement with a humidity sensor
    . 10% regulation capacity- Fagor Recipe Center – Fagor Recipe Center:
    . 100 factory preset and culinary tested recipes
    . Storage capacity for more than 100 9-stage recipes
  • Air and water cool-down (rapid cabinet cooling function)
  • Cooking modes: low temperature steam 30-98º, steam 99º, super steam 100- 130º, mixed 20-300º and convection 20-300º
  • Chamber dehumidification for crispy roasts
  • Delta cooking


  • Higher steam saturation in the chamber than an injection oven
  • Pure steam generator with automatic filling function
  • Impurities in the water are deposited in the boiler, facilitating the maintenance of the oven and an impurity-free cooking chamber
  • Steam generator equipped with limescale detector. Automatic and adjustable emptying of the generator every 24 hours of cooking
  • Limescale detection system
  • Semi-automatic descaling system
  • Guided descaling programme


  • Languages: 5
  • Ability to configure screen tone, volume and contrast
  • Tone: 8
  • Power, network and language settings
  • SAT and Trade fair mode

Equipment Features

  • Stop/start function
  • EZ-Sensor. Internal probe with 4 measuring locations
  • Positioning aid for temperature sensor
  • Manual steam injection
  • Automatic humidification system
  • Variable humidification with 5 levels
  • 6 programmable air circulation speeds (from 1400 rpm to turbine stop)
  • Option to switch from oC to oF
  • Display of actual values and selected values
  • Delayed programming
  • Ability to select 1/2 power
  • Automatic humidification system
  • Automatic dehumidification system
  • Automatic adaptation to the characteristics of the installation site (altitude, etc.) including initial self-testing
  • Automatic boiling point adjustment
  • Removable fan cover
  • Integrated turbine brake for increased safety
  • HA-Control: bidirectional turbine that provides intelligent even heat distribution
  • Auto-reverse system for reversing fan rotation
  • Triple-glazed, ventilated cooking chamber door (all except 0623)
  • Special heat-reflective coating and hinged inner panes for easy cleaning
  • LED lighting in the cooking chamber
  • HOLD-OPEN DOOR systems (3 locking positions for greater user safety) – Proximity contact door switch
  • Easily replaceable gasket insert
  • Interior and outer material: AISI 304 stainless steel (interior mirror polished)

Models and specifications

Model Capacity GN Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
AG-061 CPW-061-G 6 GN-1/1 12,00 898x922x846 Download
AG-101 CPW-101-G 10 GN-1/1 18,00 898x922x1117 Download
AG-102 CPW-102-G 10 GN-2/1 35,00 1130x1063x1117 Download
AG-201 CPW-201-G 20 GN-1/1 36,00 930x964x1841 Download
AG-202 CPW-202-G 20 GN-2/11 65,00 1162x1074x1841 Download

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