Galaxy Bingo – Witbank


The kitchen, wash-up and storage areas were designed and laid out in a clean and easy flowing manner from cooking through to serving.

The cooking line up incorporates a 4 ring electric stove top, a half flat and half ribbed flat top griller, as well as a double deep fat fryer including a heated chip dump. This area also has sandwich toaster and a refrigerated sandwich pre-counter fridge. Also included in the installation were two 3.5 glass door fridges, an ice machine and special manufactured counters in the bar area.

The use of underbar counter fridges allow the maximisation storage space of items needed to be on hand for the chefs while in the food cooking area.

The design included both double heated hot pass and well as a double cold pass for the serving of item such as salads and items that do not need to be kept warm.


The dishwasher area includes a Fagor CO110B hood type dishwasher. Dirties dump table to allow dirty plates to be cleaned before they get rinsed off in the Pre-Rinse sink using the overhead sprayer. Once the items are washed they can be put on the outlet table and stacked on the wall mounter crockery rack.

Prestigious international brands put their trust in Fagor International.