Conveyor Type Dishwashers

High Production Conveyor Dishwashers

Rack and Flight Type Dishwashers

A range designed for large and continuous work loads which need speed and perfect results.

Two dishwasher types designed to offer you the best solution for your business’ needs, both for a wide range of items and for more uniform washes. For less repetitive work loads and for more regular loads. For smaller or larger spaces. And for sectors with large productive loads but little space or large facilities.

Two dishwashers which offer great benefits to your business: flight type and rack type conveyor.

Perfect Wash

Intensive program with DIN 10534 standard

Intensive program (in modular models), isin accordance with DIN10534. This norm ensures the hygienic operation of dishwasher equipment used in commercial food preparation settings.


High temperature (85ºC) during the rinse process

The adaptive rinse system results in low and homogeneous consumption. The quantity of water used in the rinse adapts to each speed: the lower the speed, the lower the quantity of water needed, since the time the dishes are in contact with the water is increased.


Efficient water contact time to eliminate microbes (DIN 10534)

For each phase of the dishwashing process, a minimum contact time of 120 seconds is set in order to obtain a hygienically safe result.


High-power washing system thanks to the upper and lower washing arms

High power washing system with 4 upper and 4 lower washing arms (in compact models). They ensure optimal results even when large quantities need to be washed in a short period of time.

flight type dishwasher hospitals healthcare
flight type dishwasher hospitals healthcare
flight type dishwasher hospitals healthcare

Robust and reliable

Corrosion-resistant AISI-340 stainless steel

All the main parts are manufactured in AISI-304 anti-corrosion stainless steel, to withstand the most intense use of the market.

Anti-blockage system

The stop switch and the alarm system avoid any damage in the machine by stopping the conveyor when a rack weight overload or a blockage occurs.

conveyor dishwashers


Functioning :
1 – Warning: the machine stops and gives warning (audible noise and flashing orange push-button).
2 – Backward motion: you have to press the backward motion button (the same that give the warning).
3 – Remove blockage: open the door and remove blockage.
4 – Restart: close the door and press the start.


Increased Production Capacity

Variable Frequency Drive with 3 Speeds

Thanks to the frequency inverter , integrated in all models, it is possible to adjust 3 different speeds. In this way, it allows to adapt the most appropriate program (one for each possible speed), to the workload or dirt.


Reduced operating costs

Stand-by mode: reduces consumption

Energy saving system: reduces consumption by halting operation of the pumps, and by passing the heating of the rinse to stand-by mode (70 °C).Finishes the stand-by mode once the basket is again detected.


Auto-Timer: deactivation after inactivity


Energy recycler included as standard in flight type models

Conveyor Type Dishwashers

Energy recycler as an optional component in rack type models

The energy recovery system draws out the steam generated in the tunnel. It condenses this
steam, preventing it from leaving by expelling dry air instead.

The cold water comes from the mains supply and passes first through the energy recovery
system. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the heat generated by the steam is used to increase
the water temperature. After the temperature is increased from 15/18 ºC to 35/40 ºC, the
water is sent to the cylinder.

Conveyor Type Dishwashers


High-power drying as standard and the possibility of adding up to 2 EXTRA drys in line.


Standard belt for dishes and baskets
Belt for pots and containers
Belt for isothermal trays