DSV Park – Kempton Park


The warehouse kitchen was the first of these two catering facilities. Designed for food-on-the-go and fast food, with the ability to supply a hot meal and snack-type food to all warehouse staff.
The main office kitchen has been designed and built to supply pre-made items from a grab-and-go central counter, and food-to-order for the freshly-made section of the front of house areas. This kitchen will also supply food to the warehouse kitchen where required.

Warehouse Kitchen


This area utilizes Fagor 700 series modular equipment comprising a Solid top grill, 2 single deep fat fryers as well as a chip dump unit. There is a specially manufactured chilled and heated display counter with heated cabinets and curved glass, and a sandwich toaster, sandwich prep refrigerator and an upright beverage cooler incorporated into this awesome design.


In the warehouse kitchen back-of-house area we supplied a Fagor CO110 B Hood Type Dishwasher, a Hobart waste disposal system and wall shelving.

Mobile food warming cabinets allow for the storage of pre-made food from the main office kitchen, which also includes prep sinks and prep table adjacent to a cold room and storage shelving.

Main Office Kitchen

The Main Office Kitchen front of the house area includes a make-to-order section as well as a self-service centre island for grab-and-go food.


This area incorporates a gas Fagor 700 series modular cooking line including 2 Flat top grillers, double deep fat Fryers as well as a chip dump unit, a double wok cooker and a specially designed chiller counter with curved glass front. The back-of-house area has Sandwich prep refrigerator as well as sandwich toasters and upright beverage cooler


The Grab-and-Go area utilises specially designed heated and chilled display units with curved glass fronts, a centre island heated cabinet as well as heated and refrigerated counters underneath the counter.

The back of the house area is well laid out and has adequate room for expansion.


The Cooking Island incorporates a Fagor AE 201 (20 pan combi steamer) with roll in trollies, ACE 101 (10 pan combi steamer), 2 x Fagor 6 burner gas ranges with ovens, as well as a Fagor tilt pan, boiling pot and 2 double Fagor gas deep fat fryers.


Also included – a Fagor CO110B Hood Type Dishwasher with a special designed double tier dump table to allow the staff to drop off their dishes inside the seated eating area allowing the kitchen staff to clear from inside the kitchen.


In the back-of-house area are large food prep areas with table, sinks and refrigerated counter as well as pot cleaning areas, and additional areas holding mobile food waring cabinets.


DSV’s amazing facility is now open and fully operational and Lead catering are proud to have been involved.

Prestigious international brands put their trust in Fagor International.


Lead Catering (Pty) Ltd. are the sole importers of Fagor Industrial Catering equipment in Southern Africa, delivering professional equipment and advice from qualified chefs in everything from the smallest bar to the largest industrial kitchens in everything from the most sophisticated Hotels, to the remotest mining camps in Africa.