Rack Type Dishwashers / Modular Rack Type Dishwashers

The Concept modular dishwashers are composed of different assembled modules that perform the various operations of which the washing process is composed. Since each function (washing, rinsing, drying, etc.) is found in a specific module, you can select the most suitable machine for the production level that needs to be obtained in each case, according to the characteristics of the premises.

The models and versions available depend on both the type of energy used, and on the type of heating, thus adapting to the temperature of the mains water of the premises, which enables the selection of the most appropriate machine.

  • CCO-180_modular-dishwashers-rack-type


  • CCO-225_modular-dishwashers-rack-type


  • CCO-270_modular-dishwashers-rack-type


  • CCO-320_modular-dishwashers-rack-type


  • The Concept modular dishwashers are composed of different modules put together, which carry out different operations, making up the washing process
  • All the main parts are manufactured in AISI-304 anti-corrosion stainless steel: tanks, washing and rinsing arms, rinsing jets, doors, basket conveyance system, boiler and metal tubes
  • Upwards-opening double panel door
  • Tank tray filters made of AISI-304 stainless steel, easy to access and remove for cleaning and access to the tank
  • Safety filter for pump suction
  • Rinsing boiler with heat insulation
  • Easy access for installation. Electro-valve located on one side (no need to remove panels to connect the machine)
  • Electrical panel designed for easy connection of dosers for liquid and solid detergents, rinse aid, limit switches, supplementary emergency stop button
  • Washing arms easily removable as a set, for cleaning, with a plug on each branch providing access for cleaning inside
  • Rinse jets easily dismountable and removable
  • System of electronic regulation of speeds by means of frequency shifter
  • Configurable electronic temperature control:
    – Wash (50 – 65 °C)
    – Rinse (70 – 85 °C)
  • Guarantor of rinse at 85 °C
  • Pressure regulator for flow control
  • Emergency stop button incorporated
  • Extra anti-entrapment protection system at the entrance, mounted on the AS-260 splash guard supplement (optional)
  • Open door blocking system
  • IPX4 protection system
  • System for detection of blockage of conveyor carriage and automatic reverse function
  • Energy-saving system: reduces consumption by halting operation of the pumps, and by passing the heating of the rinse to stand-by mode (70 °C)
  • Auto-timer which deactivates the conveyor motor after a pre-set period of inactivity (10 minutes)

Models and specifications: Modular Dishwashers

Model Racks / Hour Water max consumption L/h Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
FI-280 D CCO-180 R CW 180 210,00 34,900 1750x790x1560 Download
FI-280 I CCO-180 L CW 180 210,00 34,900 1750x790x1560 Download
FI-370 D CCO-225 R CW 225 210,00 45,000 2340x855x1690 Download
FI-370 I CCO-225 L CW 225 210,00 45,000 2340x855x1690 Download
FI-460 D CCO-270 R HW 270 240,00 40,000 2660x790x1560 Download
FI-460 I CCO-270 L CW 270 240,00 49,000 2660x790x1560 Download
FI-550 D CCO-320 R CW 320 240,00 56,300 3250x860x1700 Download
FI-550 I CCO-320 L CW 320 240,00 56,300 3250x860x1700 Download

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