Potwashers / LP Series

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    LP-61 B DD

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    LP-63 B DD

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    LP-70 B DD

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    LP-130 B DD

Utensil washers : LP Series

For the cleaning of utensils and kitchen recipients

The LP series utensil washers have a high load capacity and pressure, which makes them ideal for washing large utensils and guarantees optimum washing and hygiene results. Dried-on dirt in the most diverse utensils is the toughest test for a dishwasher, and that’s why the LP series is your best ally when washing is a real challenge. Their high power and pressure make them especially suitable for restaurants, ice cream parlours and restocking. The LP series boasts various sizes of utensil washers to offer the model that best suits the cleaning requirements of each facility.

  • Made with double skinned of stainless steel 18/10 (AISI-304)
  • Electronic control panel
  • Rotating wash and rinse arms
  • Wash temperature 55°C and rinse 80°C
  • Wash cycles: 2’ – 4’ – 6’
  • Continuous wash cycle up to 12’
  • Maximum theoretical productivity: 30 racks/hour
  • Thermostop system
  • Control of the rinse pressure
  • Built-in detergent dispenser and rinse dispenser
  • Electric connection: 400 V – III+N+E – 50 Hz
  • Thanks to the drain pump, the self cleaning cycle is automatic
  • Rinsing pump that guarantees a perfect hygienic result and constant pressure control during the rinse
  • DD: Detergent dispensers and brightener included
  • B: Drain pump included.

Utensil washers LP Series: Models and specifications

Model Basket size Service height mm Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
LP-130 LP-61 B DD 500×600 400 6,700 600x700x1290 Download
LP-130 LP-63 B DD 560×630 850 7,500 720x780x1930 Download
LP-130 LP-70 B DD 700×700 850 10,700 850x850x1960 Download
LP-130 LP-130 B DD 1320×700 850 15,900 1470x850x1960 Download
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