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    COP-504 B

For those who believe that technology and simplicity can go hand in hand, Concept undercounter dishwashers has landed. A winner in its category that combines features and benefits that only high-end ranges are offering, an easy to use and efficient product with the most efficient and robust technology prepared for the most intensive use on the market.


undercounter dishwashers

GN 1/1

Using our special basket CB7-GN, our front opening and hood-type EVO CONCEPT, CONCEPT PLUS and ADVANCE machines are able to perfectly wash GN 1/1 trays. A huge advantage for our customers, thanks to its 380 mm clearance for front-opening and 440 mm for hood-type machines.

undercounter dishwashers


Reduce stock and simplify orders by just selecting the basic versions and adding the kits when required: detergent dispenser and drain pump. No need to have many versions in stock. Easy to install kits with easy components accessibility and minimal installation risk.

undercounter dishwashers


Double spring and stainless steel hinge system tested to resist the strongest use on the market. The system is designed and tested to be opened more than 360,000 times. It also protects the user from steam burns thanks to the 3 compensated steps:
1. remove steam.
2. check basket.
3. remove/ place basket

Undercounter dishwashers – EVO Generation – Concept Range

Front loading dishwasher with simple control and multipower with
built-in drain pump

  • Constructed in stainless steel
  • Whole body with double wall
  • Counterbalanced door with stainless steel hinges and double spring
  • Furniture which allows the machine to be positioned under 850 mm high work surfaces
  • Double rotating wash and rinse system, top and bottom, in stainless steel
  • Rounded tank to facilitate washing and drainage
  • Stainless steel armoured heating elements in the wash tank and rinse boiler
  • Useful internal height of 380 mm. Accepts GN 1/1 trays
  • Thermostatic control of temperatures (wash, 60°C, and rinse, 85°C)
  • 600 W wash pump with SOFT-START
  • Boiler with capacity of 7 litres
  • Water consumption per 2.4 litre cycle
  • Rinse aid doser incorporated
  • Magnetic safety stop switch in door opening
  • Safety thermostat
  • Model for 500 x 500 mm baskets
  • 90s, 120s y 180s wash cycles
  • Theoretical maximum production of 40 baskets/hour
  • Tank with volume of 20 litres, with 2.8 kW heating element
  • Boiler with 5.6 kW heating element
  • Single-phase Multipower installation, with heating in the boiler which can be selected at time of installation, either 2,8 / 3,7 kW
  • Multi-voltage: Allows the machine to be connected to a single-phase or three-phase voltage network. (230 1N~/230 3~/400V 3N~)
  • Thermal stop system which guarantees a rinse temperature of 85°C
  • Standard factory setting disabled
  • Tray-filter in the wash tank
  • IPX4 anti-humidity protection
  • Model with highly resistant control buttons
  • 120s wash cycle
  • Built-in drain pump – power 35 W – drainage cycle

Models and specifications

Model Power kW Electric Power (kW) Water max consumption (L/h) Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CO-501 CO-501 B Multipower 3,400 kW 54,00 600x600x830 Download

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