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Regeneration Ovens / Basic Regeneration Ovens

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL’s warming ovens with temperature control guarantee top quality regeneration and a climate inside the chamber perfectly suited to the food type to be reactivated.


They are equipped with:

    • Sealed chamber with rounded corners
    • Thermal insulation of the chamber using stone wool and glass wool, thickness 35mm
    • Silicone rubber heat-resistant and age-resistant front seal
    • Water-resistant seals on food material, high heat-resistance
    • Removable grill-holder panels to make cleaning easier
    • Direct connection to mains water supply
    • Central drainage in chamber to make washing and cleaning easier
    • Ventilated heating with shielded electrical heating elements
    • Fans automatically switch off if door is opened
    • Regular reversal of fan rotation direction
    • Manually-operated vent for exit of excess humidity
    • Temperature selector switch 140 °/160 °C. We recommend setting it to 140 °C for normal regeneration and to 160 °C for fried food regeneration
    • Safety thermostat Door with automatic pressure closing and glass interior
    • End of cycle alarm
    • Adjustable feet
    • Position of wiring and components facilitates maintenance work

Models and specifications

Table top regeneration ovens
Model Capacity GN Voltage V Power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
HRT-111 HRT-111 11 GN-1/1 400V 3+N 16,00 800x700x1610 Download
HRT-112 HRT-112 11 GN-2/1 400V 3+N 23,00 860x850x1610 Download
HRT-141 HRT-141 14 GN-1/1 400V 3+N 16,00 800x700x1610 Download
HRT-142 HRT-142 14 GN-2/1 400V 3+N 23,00 860x850x1610 Download


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