oven-accessories-granite-containers-1 Combi Ovens

Oven Accessories / Granite Containers

The granite GN containers are marketed in six models with different capacities, depths and dimensions.


Models and specifications

Model Capacity l GN Type Depth mm Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
TP11-20 TP11-20 2,5 GN-1/1 20 325x530x20 Download
TP11-40 TP11-40 5,5 GN-1/1 40 325x530x40 Download
TP11-65 TP11-65 9,5 GN-1/1 65 325x530x65 Download
TP21-20 TP21-20 3,5 GN-2/1 20 650x530x20 Download
TP21-40 TP21-40 10,5 GN-2/1 40 650x530x40 Download
TP21-65 TP21-65 18,5 GN-2/1 65 650x530x65 Download


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