oven-accessories-accessories-for-061-and-101-models-1 Combi Ovens

Oven Accessories / Accessories For 061 And 101 Models

Valid for use, work or installation with any version of Advance 061 and 101 ovens. Exceptions: – SHOWER TAP: the ADVANCE and ADVANCE PLUS ranges are fitted with a retractable shower.


Models and specifications

Model Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ACH-11 ACH-11 815x725x650
ANH-11 ANH-11 815x725x590
CP-11 CP-11 530x840x1018
GE-101 GE-101 407x590x72 Download
SH-11 SH-11 815x724x650 Download
SH-11-B SH-11-B 815x724x650 Download
SH-11-R SH-11-R 815x724x650 Download
SH-11-RB SH-11-RB 815x724x650 Download
Accessories for 061 and 101 models-Specific accessories for 061 models
Model Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
EB-061 EB-061 398x584x458 Download


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