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Interior sides in stainless steel. Plasticised steel rod vertical dividers Right-hand unit, with swing grille door.


Injected polyurethane insulation, 40 kg/m3 density, CFC-free. Sealed compressor with ventilated condenser. Eco-friendly coolant R-134a, CFC-free. Copper pipe static evaporator and aluminium wings. Operating temperature: +2ºC, +6ºC, ambient temp of 32ºC. Analogue thermostat temperature control. Operating voltage: 230 V – 1N – 50/60 Hz.

Models and specifications

Model No of doors Capacity l Electric consumption W Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
BFP-100 I BFP-100 I 2 202 250 1015x550x850
BFP-150 I BFP-150 I 3 420 250 1500x550x850 Download
BFP-200 I BFP-200 I 4 580 250 2000x550x850 Download
BFP-250 I BFP-250 I 5 720 350 2500x550x850 Download
BFP-300 I BFP-300 I 6 860 385 3000x550x850 Download
Front bar chest coolers, “Gondola” series
External case made of white Skinplate. Internal sides of galvanized. Interior with adjustable vertical separators. Lower unit. Polyurethane insulation. Density 40 kg/m3. No CFC. Removable, ventilated airtight compressor. R-134 A coolant. No CFC. Copper evaporator with aluminium fins. Static refrigeration. Operating temperature: +2 ºC, +6 ºC, at room temperature of 32 ºC. Adjustable temperature by thermostat. Operating voltage: 230 V – 1N.
Model No of doors Capacity l Electric consumption W Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
BEG-100 BEG-100 2 137 150 1017x545x840
BEG-150 BEG-150 3 230 199 1510x545x840
BEG-200 BEG-200 4 314 236 2023x545x840

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