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Other Products / Display Cabinets

Exterior in white plasticised galvanised steel. Models with or without lighted advertising screen. Double glazed doors on anodised aluminium frame. Recessed handles. Interior casing and ceiling in white painted aluminium. Sanitary polystyrene base. Interior lighting with on/off button. Fitted with four shelves per module made of plasticised steel rods that can be mounted at different heights.


Injected polyurethane insulation, 40 kg/m3 density, CFC-free. Eco-friendly coolant R-134a, CFC-free. Sealed compressor with maintenance-free ventilated condenser. Ventilated evaporator printed on aluminium plate. Forced draught cooling. Automatic evaporation of defrost water. Analogue thermostat temperature control. Operating temperature: +4 ºC, +8 ºC, ambient temp of 32 ºC. On-off mains switch. Operating voltage: 230 V – 1N – 50/60 Hz.

Models and specifications

Model Advertising screen Capacity l Electric consumption W Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ERV-400 ERV-400 440 529 620x655x1850 Download
ERVC-1000 ERVC-1000 OK 1000 600 1250x815x2000 Download
ERVC-400 ERVC-400 OK 440 529 620x655x2000 Download
White series display – counter top models
Similar features to the Display Cabinets
Model Advertising screen Capacity l Electric consumption W Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ERV-100 ERV-100 60 276 445x470x700 Download
ERV-180 ERV-180 130 391 505x570x950 Download
ERVC-100 ERVC-100 OK 60 276 440x480x850 Download
ERVC-180 ERVC-180 OK 130 391 505x570x1100 Download

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