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It can form a line with the counters-fronts and with the shelving from the 60 series Stainless steel drawers on guides with bearings. Removable dregs collection hopper, made of stainless steel. Basic models with one level of shelf. Optional shelves can be added. Versions with opening to unload dregs on the worktop.


Models and specifications

Model No of shelves No of Drawers Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
MMC-100 MMC-100 1 1 1000x600x1045 Download
MMC-100 I MMC-100 I 1 1 1000x600x1045
MMC-150 MMC-150 1 2 1500x600x1045 Download
MMC-200 MMC-200 1 2 2000x600x1045 Download
MMC-250 MMC-250 1 2 2500x600x1045 Download
Counter front shelves
Models with one or two shelves. Adjustable legs. In option, kit neutral drawer for the models MME-60.
Model No of shelves No of Drawers Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
MME-35/100 MME-35/100 1 975x350x1045
MME-35/150 MME-35/150 1 1500x350x1045
MME-35/200 MME-35/200 1 2025x350x1045
MME-35/250 MME-35/250 1 2550x350x1045
MME-60/100 MME-60/100 1 975x600x1045
MME-60/150 MME-60/150 1 1500x600x1045
MME-60/200 MME-60/200 1 2025x600x1045
MME-60/250 MME-60/250 1 2550x600x1045

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