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Non Modular Cooking / Gas Ranges With Oven

Open burners with safety valve and thermocouples. Pilot lights for ignition system. Grill, plate and burners made of cast iron. Grill and plate dimensions: 425 x 350 mm. Removable grease collection trays. Stainless steel GN-1/1 oven, with 5,000 kcal/h stainless steel tubular burner. Ignition pilot light and thermocouple. Thermostatic valve 130-350ºC.


Models and specifications

Gas ranges with oven
Open hob and smooth hot-plate with safety valve and thermocouples. Pilots for ignition. Cast iron gratings and burners. Fat collector under the grill. 1/1-GN oven in stainless steel, with tubular burner in stainless steel. Pilot and thermocouple. Thermostatic control (130 ºC to 350 ºC).
Model No of Burners No of Ovens Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
CG-210 CG-210 2 1 x GN-1/1 16,37 850x580x850
CG-210 G CG-210 G 2 1 x GN-1/1 GRILL 16,37 850x580x850
CG-310 CG-310 3 1 x GN-1/1 20,78 1275x580x850
CG-310 G CG-310 G 3 1 x GN-1/1 GRILL 20,78 1275x580x850


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