non-modular-cooking-gas-countertop-fry-tops-2 Horizontal Cooking

Non Modular Cooking / Gas Countertop Fry Tops

Stainless steel tubular burners with pilot light ignition system. Gas valve burner control with safety thermocouple. Models with chrome plate, controlled by thermostat. Removable grease collection drawer.


Models and specifications

Gas Fry-Tops
Countertop appliances. Burners in stainless steel with pilot. Fat collector under the plate.
Model Zones Area dm2 Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
PL-105 C PL-105 C 2 25 9,00 600x550x250
PL-105 L PL-105 L 2 25 9,00 600x550x250
PL-110 C PL-110 C 3 38 13,50 900x550x250
PL-110 L PL-110 L 3 38 13,50 900x550x250
PL-110 L+R PL-110 L+R 3 38 13,50 900x550x250
PL-110 R PL-110 R 3 38 13,50 900x550x250

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