900-plus-range-tilting-bratt-pan-1 Horizontal Cooking

900 Plus Range / Tilting Bratt Pan



NEW ITEMS: Counterbalanced hinged lid with double recessed reinforcement making it highly robust and well-insulated, preventing losses in temperature and increasing thermal efficiency. New hinge design allowing the lid to be kept open at any angle. The stainless steel burner is controlled by an electronic safety valve, and is protected to improve combustion, thereby providing greater energy efficiency: efficient energy use and savings. The hot and cold water inlet solenoid valves are controlled from one single switch. Appliances designed for use with natural gas, supplied with parts kit for conversion to butane-propane gas. The 900 PLUS machines conform to the IPX5 standard, offering greater protection against damp The 900 PLUS gas fry pans require an electrical connection: 230 V- 1+N+E.

Models and specifications

Gas tilting bratt pans
Counterweighted folding lid. Stainless steel tubular burner controlled by solenoid valve and thermostat temperature control (50 ºC – 315 ºC). Safety system to extinguish the flame if the pan raises. Water feed. Electrical supply: 230 V – 1 + N.
Model Volume in l Power kW Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SBG9-10 PLUS I SBG9-10 PLUS I 80 18,00 850x900x850
SBG9-10 PLUS IM SBG9-10 PLUS IM 80 18,00 850x900x850
SBG9-15 PLUS IM SBG9-15 PLUS IM 120 23,50 1275x900x850
Electric tilting bratt pans
Counterweighted folding lid. Shielded elements controlled by thermostat. Pilot lights. Thermostat temperature control (50 ºC – 315 ºC). Water feed.
Model Volume in l Power kW Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
SBE9-10 PLUS I SBE9-10 PLUS I 80 12,00 850x900x850
SBE9-10 PLUS IM SBE9-10 PLUS IM 80 12,00 850x900x850
SBE9-15 PLUS IM SBE9-15 PLUS IM 120 18,00 1275x900x850


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