Gas Compact Rack Type Dishwashers

Equipped with an external gas operated generator, GA-40, to heat the rinse water (see corresponding Warning).


Gas powered: 40,000 kcal/h (46.5 kW) Splash guard module at entry. Double curtains at entry and exit, and divider curtains in the interior zones. 50 litre wash drum. Built-in filter tray. 2 x 600 W motor pumps for upper and lower wash arms. 9 kW drum heating resistor. 260 W rinse motor pump. Water consumption: 400 litres / hour. Thermostatic temperature control: wash at 60 ºC and rinse at 90 ºC. Safety thermostat. Thermometers for wash and rinse temperatures. Magnetic micro switches for wash, rinse and door open cycles. Energy saving system that stops operation if no racks are detected. Supplied with: 2xCT-10, 2xCP-16/18, 1xCV-16/105, and 10 cutlery baskets. Total electrical power: 10.7 kW.

Models and specifications

Model Racks / Hour Water litres/h Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
ECO-160 D ECO-160 D 90 400 10,70 1430x780x1580
ECO-160 I ECO-160 I 90 400 10,70 1430x780x1580
ECO-200 D ECO-200 D 110 400 10,70 1430x780x1580
ECO-200 HD ECO-200 HD 150 400 10,70 1430x780x1580
ECO-200 HI ECO-200 HI 150 400 10,70 1430x780x1580
ECO-200 I ECO-200 I 110 400 10,70 1430x780x1580


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