Accessories for Dishwashers

Accessories For Dishwashers / Hot Water Gas Generators

Double gas valve with thermocouple safety system. Electronic ignition system. Flame detector safety electrode. Automatic detection system in the event of gas failure. Built-in lime detection system, to prevent breakdown due to lime scale. Lighted reset button. Electrical connection: 230 V 1+ N. Includes: – Draught diverter and forced draught kit, with enamelled exhaust pipe and box. Device to facilitate combustion and the evacuation of exhaust gases, that stops gas reaching the burner and switches off the appliance if necessary. – Built-in extractor fan. – Drainage pump to remove chlorine deposits. – Built-in fluepipe.

Models and specifications

Model Production Water litres/h Gas power kW Dimensions (mm) Data sheet
GA-20 GA-20 180 23,26 550x585x1900 Download
GA-20 D GA-20 D 180 23,26 550x585x1900 Download
GA-40 GA-40 360 46,51 690x585x1900 Download
GA-40 D GA-40 D 360 46,51 690x585x1900 Download


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